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Food Porn: Day By Day’s Matzah Ball Soup

While they politely asked us not to call this “Food Porn” — matzah ball soup being a rather sacred dish to many (this goyim included) — the folks at local catering company/lunch spot Day By Day have nevertheless produced an object wholly worthy of “food porn” status. Sorry, guys. But arousal is a beautiful and […]

PSA: South Philly, It’s Time You Got A Co-op Of Your Own

Figured we’d pass this along for our South Philly readers: Hello all, In my humble opinion, it’s time to start a Food Co-op in South Philadelphia! Are you interested in being an owner in a food grocery business with only a small monetary investment? Are you willing to volunteer your time to explore the possibility […]

Ramen Rummaging With A Noodle Nerd Vol. 2: Chifa

After our college life with Cup Noodles and those crunchy squares of Top Ramen (which by the way we totally ate dry, sprinkled with that little silver packet when we were too lazy and drunk to cook them), our ramen obsession has become a full-on disorder, and we know we’re not alone. Philly has no […]


At Long Last, The Carman’s Country Kitchen Mannequin, Explained

Courtesy of WQED-Pittsburgh’s Breakfast Special, due to air on PBS this summer.

Object Of Desire: Zama’s $100 Sunday Sushi Experience

Hot on the heels of a three-bell review from Craig Laban, new-ish Rittenhouse sushi spot Zama is rolling out a proper feast on Sundays. Sunday Sushi at Zama is a meal designed for two (very hungry) people, and seems to aspire to what all Sunday meals should do: Lay you out so righteously that you […]


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