Stephen Starr’s Fishtown BierGarten Overwhelmingly Passes Neighborhood Test Of Zoning Meeting Endurance

biergartenLast night, the Fishtown Neighborhood Association held a public zoning committee meeting for Stephen Starr‘s proposed BierGarten at 1208-1214 Frankford Avenue. Revealed therein were some more details about the project: It’ll be 10k square feet, 6k indoor, 4k outdoor, with the outdoor portion walled in off the street. According to our sources, it went mostly as expected: Though the meeting was devoted solely to Starr’s project, which we first reported on in January, it lasted two and half hours. (“About the same running time as Avatar,” our tipster quipped.) Throughout, there was hot NIMBY action left and right: Two neighbors put on a dog-and-pony show and offered photographic proof related to the fact that, yes, drunk people sometimes urinate on Frankford Avenue, and one man complained about possible noise, only to reveal that he himself could not hear very well. In the end, FNA brass eventually called to a vote (one of them was hungry!), and despite the NIMBY sideshow (a staple at meetings like this), the community voted overwhelmingly in support of zoning for Starr’s BierGarten, 158 to 11. Having gotten neighborhood approval, Starr and company will go before the City’s Zoning Board on the 9th.

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  • Holly

    This is one of the reasons that I’ve moved my house hunting to Fishtown!

  • Ryan

    i can’t wait. That neighborhood is a great place to live & only getting better!

  • jaime

    Anyone know what kind of prices the restaurant will have? I get from the meeting its not gonna be a high end Buddakan or Braclay prime, but more around the Jones price point… ANyone know?

  • Romano

    He said the goal is for the clientele to be local, i.e. from the surrounding neighborhoods and other parts of the city. Also mentioned that the food would be pretty traditional German fare. To me, that signals that the prices will be very reasonable, probably Brauhaus Schmidts territory.

  • kris

    Glad he is branching out geographically, both locally and inernationally!

  • kris

    Forgot the t

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