Help Bring A Mexican Restaurant To Brewerytown

Hey, restaurateurs and potential restaurateurs: The Girard Coalition is trying to lure a Mexican restaurant to Brewerytown as part of its ongoing efforts to spur development along the West Girard Avenue corridor. They’re working in conjunction with both Brewerytown-based real estate developers MM Partners and the business-geared charity The Merchants Fund to find a restaurant that will serve “authentic Mexican cuisine” during lunch and dinner hours (sorry, Taco Bell). The new restaurant will be able to choose from several MM Partners properties currently available, and MM is providing what they describe as a “generous tenant improvement package” to go along with some grant money from The Merchants Fund to help get the new restaurant up and running. In addition to being located among some of Philly’s finest soul food eateries, the new Mexican restaurant will even be able to boast having a new location of Mugshots Coffee as a neighbor: MM is currently working with them to set up shop at 2831 West Girard. Brewerytown residents, we’re really hoping this works out and you get this new Mexican restaurant… the right to delicious Mexican food is just about the most important American right we can think of.

  • Phil

    This would be great. would love to see and I would patronize at least once a week.

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