PSA: South Philly, It’s Time You Got A Co-op Of Your Own

Figured we’d pass this along for our South Philly readers:

Hello all,

In my humble opinion, it’s time to start a Food Co-op in South Philadelphia!

Are you interested in being an owner in a food grocery business with only a small monetary investment? Are you willing to volunteer your time to explore the possibility of tweaking the economic model and learn how a consumer cooperative works?

Come find out at the Passyunk Square Civic Association meeting on April 6th at 6:30PM at the
South Philadelphia Older Adult Center (SPOAC) located at Passyunk Ave and Dickinson St. across the street from the POPE, next to the ACME).

Weavers Way Food Co-op will present a short history of food coops and how to get one started.
Please share this with your interested neighbors and help to make this a reality.

  • Riley

    There’s definitely interest in a south philly coop. That’s why so many people came out to try to start one when Molly called a meeting at her store on the Italian market to make one happen there. What came out of that meeting was The Food For All Collective, an organic bulk buying club, because the task of starting a full fledged coop was beyond the resources of those involved. The plan was to maybe someday grow into a coop, but to start at a level that didn’t require massive fund raising. I’m all for a south philly coop, it’s just a lot of time and money.

  • David

    So, how did it go? I hear they are planning more organizing meetings in a couple of weeks, I heard like 60-70 people attended the PSCA meeting. I think this could happen.

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