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This Sunday: Headhouse Farmers’ Market Opening Day!

The Food Trust’s Headhouse Farmers’ Market opens this Sunday, May 2, with two dozen vendors, including produce from Three Springs Fruit Farm, chicken pot pies from Griggstown Quail Farm, handmade sausages and condiments from Talula’s Table, breads and baked goods from Ric’s Breads, and local, organic breakfast and sausage sandwiches from new vendor Renaissance Sausage. […]

Seemingly Simple New Food Site Could Wind Up Saving Scores Of Long-Term Relationships

Have you ever considered calculating the time in your life you’ve wasted debating with your significant other(s) about what to eat for dinner? We have, and suffice it to say, we could have nabbed an MA in that time. (And have passed on meeting an endless parade of family members and co-workers, but that is […]

At First, We Were Like, Whoa, Stacey Looks WEIRD, But Then We Remembered A) That’s Not Clinton B) That’s Pam Grier C) Dining Out For Life Is Tonight!

So, uh, do the right thing! And maybe you should learn to not be as confused as us. Phew. Hi, everybody!


R.I.P.: Snow White Diner

You will be missed, but then again, everybody loves a terrace! Good luck! Predicts The Future: Forthcoming Claims To Be Made In Future Stephen Starr Press Releases

We know, we know: It’s a little petty, but we’re still a little bit miffed about yesterday’s Stephen Starr’s press release claim that, essentially, Philly has never seen a real-deal mixology/high-end cocktail joint when hello, throw a rock around here and you’ll hit one. We went to the staff counselor in a tizzy (“Again?,” […]


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