Holy Mother Of God, Did You Just Say There Will Be 21 New Philly-Area Krispy Kreme Locations?

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, yes they did: 21 locations to open around here in the next seven years. Fattest City In America, WE ARE ON OUR WAY!*

*Now more than ever.

  • jenn


  • Richenbrock

    Krispy Kreme aren’t very good donuts. Are there any good donuts in Philly? Anywhere? Nothing from a chain shop is ever good, period.

  • BarryG

    Didn’t they open a bunch of locations a few years ago then close them all?

  • Marty B.

    @BarryG, yep the article actually mentions the expansion and contraction.

    Maybe this will inspire a Luther Burger at PYT?

  • BarryG

    @Richenbrock, there is a Chowhound thread about that. Try Frangelli’s in South Philly.

  • madame_dakar

    40th and Lancaster is the donut district — try Fresh Donuts


  • http://www.twitter.com/thehoagieman TheHoagieman

    Best creme donut is in Collingswood @ McMillian’s bakery. WOAH.

  • Tanya D

    I think i am going to take the next 2 months to test every Doughnut in Philly and NJ that i can while waiting on KK to open.

  • John Lightstone

    (1) McMillian’s creme donuts are amazing. More like creme with a touch of donut.

    (2) The secret of Krispy Kreme is that you can get them hot, when the oil and sugar just melt in your mouth. Otherwise, they’re a pretty average donut.

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