Weak In The Knees For My Jello Americans

Reader Tara M. just tipped us off to a fairly new blog written by two Fishtown girls, Moe and Cory. Right away, our patented crush-meter is off the charts. First off, the name of the blog is a terrific pun: My Jello Americans. You see, these girls photograph and write about the Jell-O shots they create: Not just any Jell-O shots, but exquisite, inspired objets d’art. Oftentimes, these shots have puns in their names. Also contributing to our high opinion of these ladies is their “About Us” section, which lets us know that they have a turtle named Sweet Pea, a tortoise (conscientiously distinguished from the turtle) named Lulu, two hermit crabs, Pinchy and Purple Claw II (how formal!), and a snail named Gary, who is a loaner. They also claim to get their inspiration and raw materials from just about every store with the word “Dollar” in its name: Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Dollar Plus, Dollar $, and Family Dollar (how logical!). Of course, all of this would be irrelevant if not for the quality of the shots, which is superb: Witness the Rosie the ROOTveter” shot, which uses local fave Root; theBacon and Eggs” shot (pictured); and theWinter Funderland” shot. Nearly all of the shots both look beautiful and sound delicious. Since starting in February, they have already posted over 30 kinds of shots, which bodes well for their future: If I Can Haz Cheezburger and Look At This Fucking Hipster could get book deals, there’s nothing stopping these girls (and their menagerie) from becoming a full-fledged phenomenon.

  • Tara M

    So glad you are as impressed by Cory and Mo and their creative shots as I am! Hoping to spread the word more and I totally agree they should get a book deal – who wouldn’t want that book? I’m having them cater my next courtyard party!

  • lutton

    Is that Dwight Schrute’s stapler?

  • http://www.twitter.com/thehoagieman TheHoagieman

    This is astonishing.

  • Sloan

    Baby guiness, and rootbeer floats are my absolute favorite things. My Jello Americans are da bomb! There is also little appreciation for the fact that when you order these fabulous jello shots, they are delivered in beautifully-wrapped packages tied up in bows!

  • http://www.ravneetyerram.com/ Rav

    Innovative and delicious.Love their recipes!!

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