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Food Blob: Philly Gets Its Own Beer, Possibly with Longest Name Ever

· Victory Brewing Company has partnered up with the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Corp. to create the With Love Philadelphia XOXO’s Summer Love Ale just in time for Philly Beer Week. This new brew will debut June 4th and will be available at Beer Week events and other bars all throughout the summer. [GrubStreet] · Apparently in […]

In More News On The Ass Backwards PLCB

The PLCB has gotten itself into a lawsuit with restaurant owners who are joining together with the Washington Square West Civic Association and State Rep. Babette Josephs to sue the board for allowing a wine boutique in Garces Trading Company. All those involved, which include owners from Le Bec Fin, Tria, Lolita, Fergie’s and Caribou […]

Food Network Will Open Your Restaurant For You For The Low, Low Price Of YOUR SOUL.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A casting call is going out via Morgan Casting for Food Network‘s The Opener, the latest in a long line of Schadenfreude Reality Television wherein an expert swoops in to help unwitting small businesspersons and shopkeeps and berates them to tears or worse, all in the name of helping them do […]


KFC’s Double Down Has Nothin’ On Frög’s “Love Burger”’s The Insider reports that preps are underway for the Saturday soft-opening of Steve Poses’ Frög Burger, which we mentioned last week. The grand opening is still a couple weeks out, but the big tent going up beside that big, shiny plane at the Franklin Institute will be shilling out the new vittles ever so […]

It Had To Be: The Flyers Bagel

So, apparently there’s a bagel joint in Jenkintown called Fill A Bagel that is celebrating the Flyers’ entry into the Stanley Cup run with a curiously hued breakfast baked good. Behold, then, the Flyers Bagel. It’s a very, VERY orange poppy-seed bagel that supposedly doesn’t actually taste like orange – it’s just dyed. Whether we’re […]


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