Will 13th St. Ever Get Too Small for Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran?

From Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran (pictured), the women who brought 13th St. Lolita, Bindi, Grocery, Open House and Verde (goodness, that’s a mouthful), meet Barbuzzo. Slated to open in July, the new restaurant is meant to evoke a Mediterranean farmhouse, and the set-up sounds pretty sick: Distressed church pews, 350-year-old wood table tops, flooring from the pilings of Maryland harbor dock and a steel-clad, wood-burning oven. Turney says they hope to make as much of their food in-house, from pickling their own fruits and vegetables to grinding their own sausages. Offerings include:

Wood Oven Roasted Sardines with piquillo pepper and preserved lemon;  Burrata Mozzarella with chicory, spiced walnuts, honey and fried rosemary;  Squid Ink Fideo with manila clams, cumin and chickpeas;  Minted Pea Tagliatelle with braised pork, fava beans and pig cracklings;  and Pizza “Uovo” with spring onion, guanciale, fava leaves and farm egg.

With the prices ranging from $3-$20, these entrees are significantly more affordable than those at Lolita or Bindi. Barbuzzo will also be the ladies’ first restaurant with a liquor license. They plan to offer 30 different wines, as well as sherries, ports and sparkling wines.

Barbuzzo, 110 S. 13th St., 215-546-9300

  • rk

    please god be good squid ink fideo. One of the dishes I most miss from barcelona!!!

  • jd

    would’ve been nice if they had had the bike lockup posts re installed elsewhere on the street when they had them REMOVED for more freaking outdoor seating on a street that NO ONE should really be eating outdoors on amongst the still ever present crackheads in the ‘hood….

  • Jim

    Oh you mean the bicycle posts they *illegally* removed?? I completely agree. Ridiculous they can get away with this stuff.

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