Foreign Chef Scoops Local Ice Cream

Attn. Cooking Channel-loving freegans, if you exist: Ching He-Huang of Chinese Cooking Made Easy on the Cooking Channel is going on an ice cream truck tour! Of the USA! For reals?!?! Now, we don’t have the scoop (tee-hee) on what the flavors are except that they are allegedly the “summer’s most delicious…coolest, tastiest flavors” and the ice cream truck is “one-of-a-kind.” Well, and also that it’s Bassett’s Ice Cream, because they are partnering with local shops. He will be scooping the ice cream, along with “a local blogger” on Wednesday the 28th at Reading Terminal Market from 10am-6pm. It’s all things good, Chinese TV chefs, free ice cream, maybe some Cooking Channel swag, all conveniently located next to the Gallery (where Donatella Versace will be working the counter at G+G.)

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