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Are You Man/Woman Enough For The All Come At The Same Time Salad?

Everybody happy. We finally dipped into Delicatessen for lunch today, and to put it blunty, it completely destroyed us with its deep Jewish deli goodness. While the latkes were divine and the French onion soup with cheesy croutons and the wasabi cream cheese and the house-cured corn beef were all very real emotional experiences, it […]

See You On The Taco Side Of The Moon

Just in time for Taco Tuesday, a friend passed along Album Tacos, a Tumblr blog devoted to Photoshopping delicious tacos into classic album covers. Why this hasn’t happened before is slightly beyond us — after all, we know deeply the imagistic power of the taco.

Veggie Lovers To Finally Set Chinatown Free From Goopy, Grubby Veg Cuisine?

A routine trip to the venerable Vietnam last night alerted us to the forthcoming existence of Veggie Lovers, opening soon at 225 N. 11th St. All-veggie restaurants in Chinatown are still comparatively slim, with the bulk of the debate boiling down to whether or not you’re a Charles Plaza person or a Kingdom Of Vegetarians […]


First Food Trust Night Market Announced

The Food Trust’s Nightmarket, which we mentioned recently, has just announced its first outing, for Thursday, September 30th at Passyunk Ave. and Tasker St. in South Philly, where all kinds of phoodie wares will be onsale. Not a lot of info about who’ll be selling what exactly yet, but updates are promised soon.

Does God Cry Or Laugh When A Pretty Girl Eats 33 Tacos In 9 Minutes?

So wrong it’s right, or so right it’s wrong? Lisel Parillon is all like, “Oooh-wee, what up with that.” UPenn Grad Student Lisel Parillon (pictured) completed the Drinker’s Triple Crown taco challenge last Thursday, thereby winning free drinks at all three Drinker’s locations for a year, and scaring the living hell out of anyone who […]


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