Vitamin Water Ruled Not Healthy By Federal Judge; No Word On Whether Ruling Considers Addition Of Vodka

A federal judge in New York ruled last week that Vitamin Water does not, as their cheeky labels allege, keep you “healthy as a horse” or induce a “healthy state of physical or mental being.” Judge John Gleeson of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York ruled that, because Vitamin Water is “composed mostly of sugar and not vitamin-laden water,” it’s basically just Sunkist without the fizz. Sorry, yuppies – the Center for Science in the Public Interest (who brought the suit against Coca-Cola, Vitamin Water’s man upstairs) has called bullshit on your Gatorade snobbery. But then, you probably only drink Vitamin Water Zero now anyway.

Predictably, 50 Cent could not be reached for comment.

Consumerist via JoeMyGod.

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