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Possibly True Details On The Khyber’s Reincarnation

We’re normally loath to talk up a situation without reliable snitches to fall back on, but since all of creation is so hot to take a shot at the Stephen Simons/Dave Frank (Royal Tavern/Cantinas North & South) takeover of The Khyber, we thought we might as well stoke the flames of righteous anger/shivering anticipation with […]

And While We’re On The Subject Of Birthdays…Free Gelato At Stella!

Stephen Starr’s Pizzeria Stella turns one year old tomorrow. Call it artisan-pizza-bandwagon-jumping if you will, we were just glad to hear last fall that ol’ StarrMan was taking over the XandO Cosi that formerly held that spot over at Headhouse Square. Stella (along with Xochitl and, recently, Bodhi Coffee) has upped the ante in that […]

This Just In: The Weather Hates Fun

We’ve received word today that, due to forecasts of more irritating rain, The Food Trust‘s Night Market at Tasker and East Passyunk Avenue that was scheduled for this Thursday evening has been postponed. An email blast from the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District this morning suggests that the rain date is next Thursday, October […]


Wishing A Hearty Happy Anniversary To Jose Garces’ Amada Through A Food Coma Haze

Has it only been five years? It hardly even seems possible that one dude has opened five crazy successful restaurants in one city in that amount of time (Amada, Tinto, Distrito, Chifa, Village Whiskey), not to mention a market & cafe spot (Garces Trading Co.), a cute-as-buttons roving food truck (Guapos Tacos), and the coming-soon […]

Meritage Debuts New Fall Menu

We just got our hands on the new fall menu being cooked up by Chef Anne Coll at Meritage. With dishes like brined and roasted Giannone chicken with sweet potato pudding and cabbage confit, and mussels with kaffir lime curry sauce and cellophane noodles, our stomachs are already getting excited. Check out the full menu […]


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