Confidential To Penn Kids: It’s Called Adsum, Not Subtractsum

Oh, Penn Kids, you darling little packets of shimmering stardust, our benevolent emperors of the future-times, what are we to do with you?

Possible explanations for this:

1. Dine & Dash is the newest event in the Penn Relays – practice starts now, always, anywhere, everywhere.

2. Wacky Math Professor‘s guitar t-shirts distracting from learning actual math (note: $30 on $260.10 is roughly 11.5%).

3. All four lost their entire monthly parental stipends on, and the entire Philadelphia metropolitan area is experiencing a catastrophic Ramen & Bud Ice shortage – lamb shanks and wine are the next cheapest option, correct?

  • rory

    damn, and they left an embarrassingly small tip. Asshats.

    -a fellow penn (grad, at least) student

  • MG

    this is why i tip extra when going out to eat. and even more if i’m wearing penn apparel.

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