Because We Love You…

Dear Phoodies,

We love you dearly. We want to keep you safe, out of jail, and alive. Therefore, when we saw this on, we felt we had to share.

Forbidden Fruit.

Infographic by Culinary

  • Mmmmmangosteen

    I’m pretty sure mangosteen isn’t illegal in the US anymore. Or else I bought some (amazingly delicious) illegal mangosteen at the Spring Garden Market earlier this year.

  • Dave

    Always glad to hear from the proto-terrorists of PETA about the evils of foie gras. I mean, why would we listen to the medical community? What do they know about the physioligy, etc. of ducks when you can have some self-proclaimed brilliant leftist basket weaver tell you the REAL story. Just the sort of “info” to appeal to a scientifically illiterate audience.
    Now that you’ve got the mod worked up, why not shut down all restaurants and food stores that sell meat and fish? I mean, that’s PETA’s real goal, isn’t it? Try and deny it.

  • Michelle

    Creepy but interesting read. I’ve officially lost my appetite, though. Congrats, Phoodie, that’s quite a feat.

  • Matt


    You can scream all you want but the fact remains that what is written above IS the process- and I’m by no means a vegetarian or PETA member. Go on with you lunatic, “leftist” aimed rants though.

  • Jim

    don’t feed the troll

  • Dave

    Matt and Jim,

    It is always a pleasure to hear from people who slept through all of their science classes. The fact is, geese are not small humans or primates with feathers. They are designed to consume a lot of food in order to fuel up for long flights. Nor do they masticate like humans. This stuff, if done properly of course, is not painful to them.
    Nevertheless, I do believe you represent the future of America. Uneducated, opinionated, authoritarian (as in crush anyone who even slightly disagrees with you). In other words, amongst lower ranks of the top 100 countries in the world.
    BTW, is anyone dumb enough to think that PETA’s stance on this issue is anything more than the initial step to stop the consumption of all animal products? Would you care to estimate how many of the world’s 7 billion people could no longer be fed under such a scenario? Probably 2-3 billion or so.

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