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Khyber Pass Pub’s Grand Opening Is Definitely How We’re Getting Past Humpday

The Khyber Pass Grand Opening Party begins at 11AM tomorrow (Wednesday December 1st), where you can find brews of plenty, including: Ballast Point Sculpin, Allagash Curieux, Russian River Pliny The Elder, Yards Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barell Aged General Washington’s Porter, Terrapin So Fresh & So Green Green, Founders Curmudgeon, Troegs Mad Elf. From 4-6PM these […]

Prepare For Snowpocalypse With Food In Jars!

Hitting a wall with gift giving ideas? Everyone loves delicious homemade goodies! Marisa McClellan’s canning classes welcome you to the wonderful world of preserving. She’s the brainchild behind Fork You, which used to host those free cooking shows at Foster’s. Since then, Marisa’s been whipping up some awesome recipes, that she shares with us through […]

Are You Getting “True” Cinnamon?

We love cinnamon! We use it all the time, especially around this time of year. We put it in everything; coffee, cereal, toast. We even put it on our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, stir it into our ice cream and toss it in with our popcorn! If you use cinnamon as much as us, […]


Tasty Find: Juniper Cheese

New to cheese markets in the U.S., and one of our new favorites, is Juni, an Italian cow’s milk cheese filled with crushed dried juniper berries! The cheese is firm and refreshing, just like a gin and tonic! You can see the dark specks of berries and you can’t miss that piney gin scent. It […]

As Your Stressing This Turkey Day, Let’s Remember Those Who Did It In Style

Check out this special piece in the NY Times! Marylin Monroe, early on, put the cooking starlets of today’s glamorized food network to shame! Who knew this busty babe could cook? The recipe for this Chicken or Turkey Stuffing, is from page 180 of “Fragments,” a collection of letters, poems and scribblings that are mostly […]


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