Last Days For Some Fall Farmers’ Markets

Dusk falls upon many outdoor farmers’ markets this week. We are determined to get the last of their fall bounty before Thanksgiving! Today was the last day for the Fountain Farmer’s Market on Tasker Street, East Passyunk Ave, at 11th. There might be a few stragglers there next Wednesday, but the Amish have packed it in. What did we pick up today? Green Aisle Grocery sold us on their apricot, raisin, and craisin English Muffins from Ric’s Bread in Lancaster, saying that once we tried them, we’d “never go back to just any old Thomas’s English Muffins.” Seeing as though we just ran out of our store bought english muffs at home, we couldn’t pass that up. We also picked up some Goat Milk Soap from Misty Creek Dairy, in Leola, PA. Dude, it smells so good! Also, in the last seconds, we picked up a very strange looking pumpkin pie from Kings Bakery, that actually wound up being really eggy-tasting, but very good! I think we’re gonna make it a point to purposefully make a very eggy pumpkin pie this year for Thanksgiving.

There’s still a few markets you can catch this week before they close, if you peruse the Farm to City and The Food Trust‘s websites. But of course, open year-round are the Rittenhouse (Saturdays 10AM-1PM), Fitler Square (9AM-2PM), Chestnut Hill (Saturdays 9:30AM-1:30PM), and Suburban Station (Thursdays 2:30PM-6:30PM) Farmers’ Markets.

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