Gift Ideas For Fellow Foodies. Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

We have developed a love for a few kitchen tools, that in our opinion, would make awesome gifts for your fellow foodie friends.

Going in clockwise order, first we have a pepper grinder that we picked up the other day at Amy’s Place in the Reading Terminal Market. It’s a little guy but it’s strong and has a ceramic core which we were psyched about. Plus it was only $20-something!

Next we have a mandolin, that we busted out on Thanksgiving. It’s great for making homemade french-fries, or coleslaw, or thinly cut cucumber salad! This instrument (hah!) can save a lot of time and energy, and give you beautifully consistent cuts, but be forewarned, you can easily lose the tip of a finger. You can get one at Fante’s, on 9th Street, one of America’s oldest and most distinguished resources for cooks’ wares, established in 1906.

Then we have this potato peeler, made by Rösle, and it is (according to my father – once a professional chef) the best potato peeler around, and worth the investment. I used it to peel the skins off of a dozen potatoes on Thanksgiving, and not once did my wrist cramp up or did I feel a snag, nor did I slip and cut myself. It really is astonishing, and we will never go back to disposable peelers again! You can pick one up at Kitchen Kapers on 17th Street, or check out the Rösle Factory Outlet in Newcastle Delaware.

KitchenAid is King! If you didn’t already know, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer comes with hundreds of attachments for all your wacky kitchen adventures, like a pasta cutter, a juicer and a sausage maker. Get it as an early present before all the cookie making begins! Baker’s Royale is also having a Giveaway for one of these babies, so get on it.

Just for fun, there’s this Breville Pie Maker. I know, we rolled our eyes too. Take all the fun out of baking why don’tcha William Sonoma. We still thought it was cute, and it’d be a great gift for more unadventurous bakers.

Lastly, and along the same lines, is this weird Nordic Ware Waffled Cake Pan… What kind of world are we living in? Oh right, one where someday we’ll be using our phones to pay at the store, instead of swiping our credit cards. Though we’re still a fan of huge fluffy belgian waffles, this was too ingenious to not share with y’all.

Have fun shopping, friends!

  • Kate

    What great ideas! Though I may admit, I may just buy those for myself. I have some great recipe ideas just looking at some of those gadgets.

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