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8th Day Of Christmas Cookies: Lebkuchen

German Lebkuchen can be made in many different forms. You can make Lebkuchen biscuits, Lebkuchen squares, Lebkuchen cookies, Lebkuchen bars, Lebkuchen loaf cake or Lebkuchen cookies. There’s also a high quality variety of Nürnberg Lebkuchen, using no flour, that are called Elisenlebkuchen. The typical cookie sold in German marketplaces is a harder cookie, that is […]

Extreme Ice Carving

Peter Slavin, of Fear No Ice, was on Main Street Manayunk last weekend carving Santa’s throne. This is just a tast of some of the craziness that will be going on in during Manayunk on Ice, a series of events featuring Slavin and his signature ice carvings, on Valentine’s Day Weekend. Organized by the Manayunk […]

7th Day Of Christmas Cookies: Sweet Potato Cookies

I love sweet potatoes, so much so that I always wind up buying so many that I can’t eat them all before they go bad. So this has been a wintry recipe I’ve used in years past, and they’re pretty good! Sweet potato cookies are good when they’re just plain too, with no oatmeal or […]


Meals Of Champions

The Phillies gift to all of us was Cliff Lee’s return, but there’s something for the ladies now as well. From Our Home to Yours, is a collection of Phillies recipes, most likely from the wives. The book is available online and at the Citizens Bank Park Majestic Clubhouse Store.It’s $20, and features over 30 […]

Headhouse Heads Out

This Sunday is the last day of the season for our beloved Farmer’s Market at Headhouse Square (photo above by Marisa McClellan of Uwishunu). It’s chilly out there, but fifteen vendors will still be there tomorrow, including Culton Organics, Birchrun Hills Farm, Beechwood Orchards, John & Kira’s Chocolates and Market Day Canele. So come grab […]


6th Day Of Christmas Cookies: Spitzbuebe (Swiss Bad Boys)

When I come home for the holidays every year, my father begs me to make these cookies for him. He was a professional chef, but has no patience to make these labor intensive cookies. He’s an avid reader of Saveur magazine and shared this recipe with me a few years ago. I’ve kept that same […]

5th Day Of Christmas Cookies: Peanut Butter Kisses

Oh hells yea. We weren’t gonna have a baking bonanza and forget about these babies. I used to make these with my roommate in college, and, between the two of us and all of the kids on our floor who would come wandering towards the lovely smell coming from our door, we’d manage to finish […]

7-11 Dabbles In Veganism

It’s a little ridiculous, some of the things that people boast are vegan, like Oreos. Seriously? So, no animals, no dairy, but it’s cool to pump your guts full of fat and refined sugar? That’s not to say that all vegans believe in this, but we can count at least a handful that have brought […]

Metropolitan Bakery Now Ships Nation-Wide

We don’t know about you, but when we visit our families over the holidays, we can’t shut up about the awesomeness that is the Philly food scene. For those that just don’t get it, but would never make it to our neck of the woods to try it out for themselves, look into which of […]

4th Day Of Christmas Cookies: Vegan Chocolate Chai

It always amazes me how vegan cookies are oftentimes the best cookies. I’ll take a vegan cookie over a plain jane cookie from that coffee shop counter any day! Try those from Sweet Freeedom on South Street and the vegan chocolate-chip from Flying Monkey on Locust Street. Or order some from Liz Lovely, now in […]

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