Pizza Brain Fever


A pizza buzz has engulfed Philly thanks to Brian “Brain” Dwyer and his Pizza Brain. Dwyer, an artist by trade from Kensington, spearheaded a pizza-themed art show at Rocket Cat Café last year called “Give Pizza Chance” and he has a tattoo on his back that reads, “Totally Sauce’some.” An in-the-works pizza nirvana will be coming to Fishtown, but in the meantime, Dwyer has created quite a Twitter presence and brand campaign. Dwyer, with the help of Charleston pizzeria vet Joe Hunter, is opening the ultimate pizza experience that includes a memorabilia museum, pizza-themed arcade, a comfortable eating and performance space and, of course, delicious pizza. Much of the pizza memorabilia will be from Dwyer’s own personal collection.

Dwyer imagines his pizza shop as a place to really celebrate pizza culture while Hunter will create the menu that will offer both slices and individual pies. The future home of Pizza Brain will hold 30-50 people, and Dwyer and Hunter plan to keep it open late; there will also be a backyard performance space dubbed The Masterpizza Theatre. The address is yet to be disclosed but will be somewhere on the Frankford Ave main drag in Fishtown and Dwyer hopes to open in the fall of this year.

Most of Pizza Brain Fever has been thanks to Twitter (@myPIZZABRAIN). Pizza Brain gives his followers plenty of pizza conversation. Pizza Brain tweets a running list of films that feature pizza (Heavyweights, Do the Right Thing, E.T., Home Alone to name a few of his), pizza jokes and pizza videos, and pizza affirmations like this one “Pizza: The unofficial sponsor of everyone.” Pizza Brain’s flood of tweets and growing following around the city are getting Philly psyched for pizza.


    pizza nirvana!!!
    can’t believe this is happening in fishtown! in philly!
    this city truly is turning into an unstoppable force of awesome.

  • Pete’s uhhh

    Holy cripes. What is this place? Pizza heaven on earth?

  • Bridget

    I don’t even live in Philly and he’s got me psyched for a road trip…destination Pizza Brain! :)



  • Lil’ Italy

    As ‘Roni Dangerfield used to say: “Take my slice… CHEESE!”

  • Heneghan

    Wow! this place is going to be like if Trios Trattoria crawled through a bunch of retro mutagen ooze and became Teenage Mutant Ninja Trios Trattoria.

  • jesus crust

    fishtown’s pizza landscape is a lonely wasteland of a desert. save for taconelli’s. but that’s an oasis and its in port richmond.
    i say BRING IT ON pizza brain. i’m ready to see what you got.

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