Dapper Dogs Derailed

Late last Saturday, police stopped two suspicious-looking men selling things to people around midnight in Northern Liberties. What were these dealers dishing out, you may ask? Hot dogs. Amidst all of the other crime in the city, the great PPD have decided to hone in on The Dapper Dog, the hot dog vendor that parks outside Standard Tap at 2nd and Poplar streets. Although Dapper Dog has been getting away with this egregious crime for around a year now, they couldn’t stay under the radar any longer. Admittedly, it is illegal under the Philadelphia Code to street vendors to serve food from midnight to 7AM, but does that mean they have to enforce it? The future of Dapper Dog is up in the air, but we can hope for the best.

  • Katie

    Oh no! They are such nice weird dudes! Hope they can get this sorted out, since those dogs are a great hit for folks with the late night munchies with no desire to sit-down at the bars.

  • Zeke

    Street vendors are selling heroin non stop at Kensington and Somerset well past midnight. Perhaps these moronic pigs could get off their asses and do something about that.

  • Alex t

    Gosh I wonder if this has anything to do with guapos tacos suddenly wanting to setup shop at the exact same spot, on the same nights. In sure mr iron chef wouldn’t do anything underhanded….

  • deafmute

    this is why we can’t have nice things

  • Dapper4Lyfe

    This is absolutely atrocious. Since when is it a crime to sell delicious frankfurters with all your favorite toppings to intoxicated young adults after midnight???

    My boy lives at 2nd and poplar and we frequent the Dapper religiously. I demand a Coney Island and that our boys be set free!

    The jerk chicken guy at 2nd and Brown could probably use some investigating…

  • mongo

    maybe they should also start enforcig the parking laws regarding Broad Street.

  • mufffin

    fuck! I love dapper dog! and those guys are so nice, too.

  • NoLibsJourno

    Cops did crack down on the jerk chicken guy. I was out there last Friday night just after midnight and he refused to sell me chicken. Said to me that the cops gave him guff and that he was cooking for people in line who had already paid.

    Honestly, I can see the thinking behind the ordinance.

    Late night establishments are notorious for being crime hotspots. Hit a Crown Fried Chicken or Chinese food spot between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. near a bar and you’ll see some charged up people. Same thing down at Lorenzo’s. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen some scuffles once the bars let out.

    Camden City is pushing an ordinance of its own that would shut down all retailers without parking lots at midnight on the weekends and 11 a.m. on weeknights. The intent is to not limit business, but to “ensure public safety.”

    Another aspect of this is that if I’m a retailer with a brick and mortar set-up, I could easily drop my store in favor of a truck. City loses out on property taxes and undoubtedly some sales tax with food trucks. It’s revenue the city needs.

  • nate fried

    live long the daper dog.

  • Seth

    My name is Seth, and I am one of the owners of the Dapper Dog. We have been open almost a year at 2nd and Poplar and never received any complaints until about two weeks ago when other vendors brought a lot of attention to 2nd street and annoyed local businesses. Although I had never heard of the midnight ordinance until a couple weeks ago, I am happy to comply because it is a long standing rule. However, that is really not the issue here. The issue is 2nd street is completely off limits for food vending. While L&I does not include this area on their prohibited streets list, the Northern Liberties community organization passed an ordinance after we had opened to prohibit all vending on 2nd street. We were not aware of the ordinance, never received complaints, and it was not enforced until other vendors arrived and people complained. We run an honest and legitimate business and never intended violate any codes or ordinances; this is why we made a presentation to the Northern Liberties zoning committee months before we started business.

  • DickyDunn

    A neighborhood group having an ordinance that trumps the city?

    F that. Set up shop on New Market across from Jerry’s Bar. Just keep the noise down, I’m trying to sleep.

  • kate

    1)that NLNA can pass this without L&I approving it is ridiculous…
    2)so that means EKNA can pass an ordinance for no ice cream trucks at all? Pretty please, yes?
    3) just turn the truck to face Poplar street, and you’re good to go!

  • berks

    Really, There’s ice cream trucks rolling down residential streets all hours of the night, probably selling drugs or at least food poisoning, and I can’t get a god damn hot dog??

    Maybe the cops just wanted a bribe.. I bet if you gave them free hot dogs you’d be good to go.

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