If Chalky White’s Wife Won’t Give Him Some Hoppin’ John, We Will

Fans of HBO‘s Boardwalk Empire have been waiting for an all out freakout from Chalky White (aka Michael Kenneth Williams, aka Omar from The Wire) since he first appeared on the show. But on the list of things people thought he would lose his shit over, Hoppin’ John was somewhere down at the bottom, between “My bow-tie is too tight” and “Nucky Thompson is just too good-looking.” But last night, all Chalky wanted was some damn Hoppin’ John and all he got was some damn duck. We don’t want to be on his bad side, so here are some Hoppin’ John recipes we found, so you can stay off of his bad side too.


Emeril Lagasse’s Hoppin John

Traditional recipe and history of the dish

  • Brett Waters

    The Klan murdered his friends, tossed in jail for weeks for fightin’ back.. he get’s out from behind bars and says YES to his wife.. for lil girls first date allowing the boy to come sit at his table and court his baby like a gentleman. ALL the man asked for was some M*%&(R F^$@*&G HOPPIN JOHNS!!!! There’s NO REASON the man couldn’t get some Greens, Hoppin Johns & Cornbread with the damn DUCK!!! I’m with you Chalky!! How hard is it to make???

    Few slices of bacon, a bell pepper, a bit of minced garlic & a large vidalia onion or two chopped & caramelize it in a well seasoned cast iron dutch oven or at least a decent pot with a tight lid.. pinch of salt & black pepper.. deglaze with a generous cup of the wine you’re sippin. Add black eyed peas, plenty, add one whole ham hock with enough water to barely cover PLUS enough have 2 cups water for each cup rice you intend to add.. and pour in about another cup.. of that wine you’re still sippin. Bring it all to a “high rollin’ boil”. stir in long (i like wild/brown) rice & cover tight, reduce heat to simmer and keep your large wood spoon handy to WHACK anyone trying to lift the lid for about 40 mins.. during which time you can sip wine, make your collards & cornbread, sip more wine.. and wait for the Duck to get done!

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