Primo’s Brings The Pilgrim For Thanksgiving

In honor of the holiday most related with eating, eating, and more eating, Primo Hoagies is introducing The Pilgrim, their 63rd sandwich.

The sandwich itself is a little more than Thanksgiving dinner on a roll, featuring homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce and fresh oven roasted turkey, and served with mayo on a homemade Primo Bread roll. One of the biggest food mistakes we’ve ever made was when we tried to eat a similar meal, an Oktoberfest pizza (with mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese, sauerkraut, and sausage), but this promises to be much, much better.

The Pilgrim was unveiled today at all 74 Primo locations, so check it out now, if only to train your stomach for the marathon eating and family session that is Thanksgiving.

  • Geoff

    They should have gone with gravy instead of mayo like Wawa.

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