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The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Presents: Please Kill Me

Unquestionably inspired by this book, next Sunday’s Please Kill Me (which also took place this past Sunday) at The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. (112 South 18th Street) will feature cocktails inspired by 70′s Punk Rock. Special cocktails include: Sazerac – Because it took a city like New Orleans to kill a man like John […]

Presumptuous Noodle Pops Up In Love Park

A noodle, which seems to have a pretty high opinion of itself, popped up at Love Park today. According to The Inquirer, the sculpture is an advertisement for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, whose slogan is “You know you love it.” As the Inky says, “The Fairmount Park Commission did a promotional deal with Kraft to […]

Birra Presents: Thanksgiving Pizza

Let’s all be honest with ourselves. We’re going to want turkey for a little while after Thanksgiving, even after we run out of leftovers. Luckily, the culinary masterminds at Birra (1700 East Passyunk Avenue) have come up with Thanksgiving Pizza. You can see the making of the pizza in the video above, as Chef Andrew […]


Food Blob: Turkey Tips

>>>You want some advice from those more skilled than we when it comes to Thanksgiving? Some of Philly’s top chefs give their Thanksgiving cooking advice. [Foobooz] >>>Thanksgiving eve will be the debut night of Point Breeze’s American Sardine Bar. [Grub Street] >>>Fish‘s Mike Stollenwerk will be cooking a traditional Italian fest at the James Beard […]

Phoodie Holiday Gift Idea #2: Chocolate Scrapple

There are many foods that people quickly associate with Philadelphia, but perhaps the one with the most amount of resistance from the population is Scrapple. More infamous than famous, the “what is even in that” quality of scrapple often sends out-of-towners and locals alike in a bit of a tizzy. Fortunately for everyone, Chocolate Scrapple […]


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