Need Cooking Lessons Or Grocery Store Help? Meet Dish With The Yenta

We all have our problems in the kitchen. Whether it’s that one dish we can’t get right, getting a little lost in the supermarket, or certain cooking techniques we can’t master. Luckily, Laura Pickover Lyons, 1995 alumna of the Culinary Institute of America, is here to help with Dish with the Yenta.

DWTY is an in-home cooking lessons service. Lyons will come to your home, in your kitchen, and teach you how to cook on your own equipment (she even helps set up before and clean up afterwards). She can help you find your way around your local grocery store, put together a three course meal for guests, tackle some homemade soup, or more in the classes posted weekly.

Sure, you could just wing it, or watch some YouTube videos or the Food Network, but nothing beats one-on-one instruction.

  • Laura

    Let’s dish!

  • Tre’s Going to Prison

    Some blogger is using your logo and pic as her avatar pic on ROL (radar on line) because her handle is Yenta1957.

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