Madame Fromage’s Cheese Ball: A Veritable Feast Of Cheese And Inevitable Jay-Z References

Big pimpin’! Spendin’ cheese!

Tenaya Darlington leads a double life: By day, she’s an Associate Professor, Department of English of Saint Joseph’s University (note to fellow alums: THE HAWK WILL NEVER DIE!), but by night, she is Madame Fromage, quite possibly the most diligent, astute and enthusiastic cheese blogger in America. (That’s right, we just said “cheese blogger.”) Mme. Fromage has been at it for about three years, and this Saturday, she will celebrate the journey so far at the R.U.B.A. Hall in Northern Liberties, with her first-ever Cheese Ball. M to tha Fromage explains it to us: “Basically, I am throwing this party to celebrate all the cheesemakers, cheesemongers, and cheese blog readers I’ve met over the last 3 years. I moved here from Wisconsin back in 2005 and I didn’t know a single person. The local world of cheese has changed that. I’m also celebrating a few other milestones: a birthday, a big article in Culture Magazine this winter (which is paying for this shindig), and a book contract to write The Di Bruno Bros. Guide to Cheese.”

Well, those are all things worth celebrating. With cheese. And booze. We almost can’t camembert it! (Sorry.)

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