Hot Breakfast Month: Blueberry Pancakes From The Dutch Eating Place

I think that the amount of butter on this plate pretty much sums up the whole experience at The Dutch Eating Place in the Reading Terminal Market. The butter really is fantastic though, we must admit, as are the blueberry pancakes. This, my friends, is the “shortstack” of blueberry pancakes. For $3 you get two gigantic fluffy pancakes that have to be about 13″ across. Their fresh squeezed orange juice is pretty phenomenal as well.

Reading Terminal is one of those places that we tend to steer clear of during lunch hour, but if you hit it up between 9am and 11am, it’s not too crowded. We’ll have to go back and try their more savory breakfast items. They serve eggs and omelets anyway you like, with ham, cheese, scrapple, country bacon or turkey bacon. They also have delicious-looking fresh cut home fries and grilled sticky buns. The Dutch Eating Place is another gem serving breakfast all day, and the service is just swell.

  • mws

    You may want to double check that “breakfast all day” claim. I’ve definitely been denied my precious…I mean…my order of delicious, delicious blueberry pancakes before because they said that breakfast hours were over.

  • Corrie

    Neat! I wanted to try a lot of different things here but only ended up having the apple cinnamon french toast and the creamed beef on homefries. I’m glad you enjoyed the blueberry pancakes. Ohh I wanted to try the grilled sticky buns!

  • Corrie

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