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Sbraga Brings A Taste (And Sip) Of Tuscany

By now, you all know that Top Chef Seven winner Kevin Sbraga has his own eponymous restaurant at 440 South Broad Street. However, if you haven’t tried the place out yet, next week could be your perfect opportunity. When most places are gearing up to get all Irish for St. Patty’s Day, Sbraga is hosting […]

Celebrate Oscar Weekend With Nominee-Inspired Drinks At Square 1682

It’s film’s biggest night, so why not have a few drinks to honor the best films of the year? And if you hate awards shows, having a few of these drinks will make watching millionaires giving awards to other millionaires go down a little easier.

Bring Some Friends To Le Virtu For 60-Feet Of Pasta

Maccheroni alla Mugnaia is the name of the pasta, and the long name accompanies the long food. The pasta is a single-strand, prepared and served uncut, measuring up to 60 feet. Le Virtu (1927 East Passyunk Avenue) wants you to share the mammoth pasta with 11 of your best, and hungriest friends. The recipe is […]


Pizza Brain Hits The Big Time

You know, it may seem like we’re really pushing the whole Pizza Brain thing, but it’s honestly just blowing up. Not only is the Pizza Brain kickstarter almost a third of the way funded with over a month left, and not only is Dr. Dog hyped up on the pizza, but Pizza Brain made the […]

Food Blob: You Had Us At Artisan Pie

>>>Rex 1516, from the people behind Jet Wine Bar, will be swinging open its doors on March 1st. [Meal Ticket] >>>Magpie Artisan Pie Bakery & Boutique (1622 South St.), which made us hungry just by typing that, is due to open in June. [The Insider] >>>The 8th beer in Flying Fish‘s exit series (appropriately called […]


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