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Food Blob: Team Handynasty

>>>You can start lining up for these Han Dynasty shirts, right behind us. [Eater] >>>Need some new rum-drink recipes? Take them from some of the best bartenders in the city. [Foobooz] >>>And how often do you get to celebrate a 100th birthday? Not very often. So take advantage of Snockey’s Oyster and Crab House‘s week-long […]

Here’s What Is Going On For Cinco De Mayo: Part 1

We’re going to be hearing about events for Cinco de Mayo all week, so here is your first round-up of what is going on this Saturday: Matyson Matyson’s newest tasting menu has a Cinco de Mayo theme, even though the menu stops this Thursday. Starting tomorrow you can get the $45 prix fixe menu, featuring […]

Can’t Make It To Churchhill Downs? We Guess The Khyber Will Do

This Saturday, if the whole Churchhill Downs fancy hat-scene is too much for you, how does the Khyber sound? The standard Derby fare will be offered (mint juleps, fancy hat contests, etc.), along with their New Orleans Brunch. Derby themed additions will be made to the menu as well, including Benedictine Dip, Kentucky Hot Brown, […]


Vetri Will Bring Together Students From Philadelphia, Latvia For Lunch

It seems that no matter where a person is from, one thing we all have in common is food. And to prove this point, on Wednesday, Marc Vetri and Jeff Michaud will be cooking a school lunch for students from People for People Charter School, and high schoolers from Riga, Latvia, at the charter school […]

Enjoy The Greatest Two Minutes In Sports At Rex 1516

Next Saturday is the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby, the only day when most of the sports-watching (and non-watching) public gets together to watch a bunch of horses run in a circle. It’s a spectacle. And if you can’t bring yourself and your largest hat down to Kentucky, why not bring ‘em to REX […]


You Know That Kashi Cereal You Overpaid For? It’s The Same As Regular Cereal

Kellogg‘s Kashi brand cereal (which claims to be “natural” and therefore costs more than regular cereal) is just about the same as any other cereal in the non-special aisle according to a study by the Cornucopia Institute. A release from the institute, discussing a sign posted after the cereals were removed from shelves, said: “The […]

Chocolate Raspberry Cake from Nook Bakery: Worthy Of An Occassion

On the occasion of a recent birthday celebration, we called the elitely recommended Nook Bakery, at 15 S. 20th Street between Chestnut and Market, optimistically and yet disgracefully, as it was a bit last minute. According to the talented, and incredibly accommodating baker responsible, it was the first chocolate raspberry cake she had cooked up […]

Reminder: Dine Out For Life Tonight!

Tonight is the 22nd annual Dining Out for Life, which began here in Philadelphia in 1991 and raises more than $4 million annually in 60+ cities, including about a quarter of a million dollars for five Philadelphia AIDS/HIV-related organizations each year. It’s a big deal, and lots of restaurants are participating this year. Tonight, Stephen […]

In Praise Of Homo Hut AKA Gay Pizza AKA 13th Street Pizza

View Larger Map For all of the progress we’ve made in the last decade as a food town (and a music town, and an art town, and a town where people live), we are still in woeful state when it comes to Stuff You Can Eat, Drunk Off Your Ass, In The Middle Of The […]

Food Blob: Emphasis On The “Umm”

>>>Steak-Umm’s lost their copyright case against Steak ‘Em Up, but in the process, the “umm” in Steak-Umm was revealed to be pretty similar to that old staple, Scrapple. [Eater] >>>Cuba Libre has announced their second cuban pop-up, set for June 19th to the 21st. [Foobooz] >>>And Rittenhouse Tavern opened its doors last night. [Meal Ticket]

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