You Think You’re A Great Shucker? Prove It

So you think you can shuck with the best of them? You can prove when the Oyster House (1516 Sansom Street) hosts their third-annual Shucking contest, for pros and amateurs alike. For the pros the grand prize is $200, and the not-so-pros will be fighting for a $100 Oyster House gift certificate.

On April 21st at 2PM, you can either show your stuff or just come to watch, with a $5 admission for spectators, and of course tons of drinks and oysters inside. Shuckers will be judged on speed and accuracy, “as they shuck their way through two dozen oysters (one dozen for the amateurs), working in heats of three shuckers at a time.” But speed demons beware, “A one-second deduction will be made to each shucker’s overall time for each broken shell or ripped oyster.” And after each heat, the oysters will be passed out for the crowd to enjoy. So why not prove that you’re the best, or just watch some live hardcore shucking.

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