If You Can’t Trust A Brewmaster, Who Can You Trust?

Jose GracesJG Domestic is in the midst of Sly Fox Month, and before it winds down, they invited Sly Fox brewer Tim Ohst to pair some Sly Fox beers with a down-home crawfish boil for a Brewmaster’s Dinner.

Currently, JG Domestic is serving a Happy Hour Plate of Benton’s Country Ham paired with Pikeland Pils, but on April 25th, the big meal takes place. The Brewmaster’s Dinner, for $55 per person, will feature:

>>>An authentic Louisiana-style crawfish boil with shellfish shipped directly from Eunice, LA’s Louisiana Crawfish Co.
>>>A reception featuring JG Domestic Dried Venison Sausage with house mustard and Cave-Aged Landaff Cheese with seasonal mostarda, both served with sourdough baguette
>>>JG Domestic Crawfish Boil, with house-made kielbasa, heirloom potatoes, cauliflower, baby carrots and fava beans
>>>House-Made Pickles, seasonal vegetables with mustard crème fraiche and California olive oil
>>>Bay Scallop Po’ Boy with heirloom tomato relish, watercress and Tabasco remoulade

And of course, the whole meal will feature Sly Fox beer pairings, featuring Royal Weisse, Dunkel Lager, Raspberry Reserve, and more. Sign us up.

JG Domestic, 2929 Arch Street, 215-222-2363

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