Magpie Owner Demonstrates the Virtues of Weird Pie

Even more forgettable than the cupcakes you once brought into school, because it was your birthday, or your mom got a new job, or you graduated Math, pie is the dessert you leave at home. Always an afterthought. Until now — er, soon. Opening this summer, Magpie Artisan Bakery (1622 South Street) shows us how they’ll make and serve their own warm, gooey and in this video, regional pie. Shoo-fly pie, seen here, is perhaps the blackest sheep of the pie family. It’s a molassesy dessert with roots in Pennsylvania Dutch country; an acquired taste, admits owner Holly Ricciardi, but a nostlagia-tripper nonetheless. Cupcakes, as we can all agree, have had their day. Pies are just beginning to be understood.

  • South Street West

    We are so excited for Magpie to come to South Street West! There’s a lot happening from the Bridge to Broad. Keep up to date by checking out our website and our facebook page!

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