Bryn Mawr College Ranked #4 Campus Food in America, Could Totally Be #1

Using a ranking system that rivals only the College Board’s in terms of accuracy, The Princeton Review declared the lame line’s own Bryn Mawr College as the 4th Best Campus Food in America last summer. We’re really happy for them since they’re so cool about valuing student input, buying local, and churning out delicious food day after day. But in the interest of making the lame line less sucktacular this year, we ventured deep inside Bryn Mawr Dining Services to expose four things holding them back from the gold medal.

>>>Warm Plates
Dishes are taken directly from the steamy washing machine to the dining hall, which is fine if it’s UK Dinner, Fried Friday or one of the zillion other themed meals Dining Services dreams up when your food is already hot. It’s a different story on Sundae Sunday when your ice cream is melting all over the place, or when your brie gets all melty during the French Peasant’s lunch. Quel bummer.

>>>Disorganized Spices
A freshmen dining hall worker tipped us off she was recently ordered to alphabetize the spices in the dining hall. Closer inspection showed no discernable organization, not even by geographical origin or respective culinary tradition.

>>>Unlimited Juice Bar
No one will say anything if you bring an empty SunnyD jug to fill with mixers for later. This one is just asking kids to experiment with circus water.

>>>Vegan Barbecue Ribs
…are not a thing.

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