Honeygrow Pays Your Parking Ticket

Honeygrow, opening next month at 1601 Sansom Street, is offering a donation to new customers burned by the Philadelphia Parking Authority in an effort to explode in popularity within the community by helping out some of the city’s most abused parking burn victims. They just hung a poster in the window last Friday, so it’s going to be legit. (right, and also visible here). Honeygrow’s Justin Rosenberg has earmarked $1080 to pay the parking tickets of customers who mismanage the PPA’s rules and incur tickets, aka, every Philly parking ticket ever issued. Patrons will just have to bring in their parking tickets on the day of frustrated reception, and honeygrow will distribute vouchers (the maximum one allotted being $36 per person), all while offering healthy fast food alternative choices of salad and stir fry, with house-made sauces and a plethora of dietary restriction options.

In addition to the PPA fund, honeygrow is offering $150 each to the ten most creative public transportation commuters who submit their dream boat stir-fry or salad photos via Instagram. Learn more about this contest over on honeygrow’s Facebook page.

Between paying your parking ticket and this tempting contest opportunity, not to mention delicious food, you’re likely to get even more out of your honeygrow visit than you put in.

honeygrow, 1601 Sansom St.

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