Openings: Hop Sing (For Real), The Industry, Shake Shack, Honeygrow

Oh man, what a good week for people who like to eat and drink things: The long-gestating Hop Sing Laundromat opened last week (with stipulations), and The Industry, Shake Shack, and honeygrow will all be swinging their doors open this week.

The maelstrom of hype around Hop Sing Laundromat quietly came to a head as owner LĂȘe quietly and calmly swung open the doors last week. For now, Hop Sing is running on a bare-bones staff, accepting cash-only, and serving no food. These will all change in time, but while it’s cash only, well drinks will be $10 (which, as Foobooz points out, is a great deal).

The Industry, a neighborhood bar named for and honoring local workers in the hospitality industry, will be opening on Wednesday. The people behind Good Dog will be supplying dinner and weekend brunch to hungry people in Pennsport. You can see the menus here.

Shake Shack, the NY-based burger/shake/beer/wine/frozen dessert/doggie treat spot will be opening on Wednesday too, at 11 AM. According to The Insider, beer and wine will be available day one. So if you want to go somewhere super busy for lunch, this is your spot.

And finally, your salad and stir-fry fix will be taken care of, starting Thursday, at honeygrow. Park wherever you want.

Hop Sing Laundromat, 1029 Race Street
The Industry, 1401 East Moyamensing Avenue, 215.271.9500
Shake Shack, 2000 Sansom Street, 215.809.1742
honeygrow, 1601 Sansom Street, 215.545.5555

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