Ms Goody’s Cupcakes, Cars, And Street Festival Will Outdo The Anniversary Party You Were Planning, So Don’t Even Try

Next Sunday, July 29 South Philly’s favorite (and only) cupcakery will be celebrating its first anniversary at 1838 East Passyunk Avenue. Ms. Goody Cupcakes, known for its inventive, often gourmet treats, will soon be known for the greatest grown-up birthday party of all time: from 11:30am-5pm, attendees can party, cut cake, eat cupcakes, sample new and limited-time-only flavors, chow down for free, and receive discounts and door prizes.

But that’s not all! The event coincides with The 7th Annual Car Show and Street Festival, which will provide rides, contests, and DJs to add to the excitement. For more information, visit the Ms Goody website or Facebook page. But remember, folks: while the sugar high is very real, it’s the crash afterwards you want to be on the lookout for. Diabeetus.

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