Dept. Of Whiskey Dickens: Drink What He Drank

2012 is the Free Library’s Year of Dickens, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the man’s birth. The next event in the yearlong series will be Sept. 17th from 7-9PM at National Mechanics.

Drinking with Dickens will feature cocktails from the authors books. Have you ever had Negus? It’s just some port diluted with hot water and then some sugar and spices. Or maybe you prefer Purl, which is Ale mulled with Gin and spices. But don’t worry, they’re not all weird and dubious sounding. Charles’ favorite American concoction the Mint Julep will be on the menu, so bring yer derby hat. Dickens own punch recipe will be offered as well. We don’t know all the ingredients yet, but we’re guessing it is to be served in a soot rimmed goblet.

Throughout the evening actors will recite key drinking passages from his novels, and Edward Petit (the library’s own Dickens Ambassador) will lead the crowd in a Victorian drinking song or two. Women are reminded to keep their bustles bustled and their ankles covered as this is a public event and ladylike decorum will be expected.

The Library has Great Expectations for this event, and is planning a couple more Drinking with Dickens shindigs as his year winds down, including a pub crawl brought to you by the Free Library’s young supporters, the Raven Society. On November 10, the Dickens pub crawl will begin at McGillin’s Olde Ale House and go to Fergie’s Pub and then The Irish Pub. Dickens-themed trivia, prizes, and special drinks will be offered. And mark your calendars now, 2037 will be the centennial of the birth of this guy. That’s gonna be a fun party.

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