Sketch Burger Is Not Afraid … It’s Chicken

Mesquite BBQ with purple cabbage cole slaw

The dubiously appellated Sketch Burger has long had tasty beef, lamb, and occasionally salmon to grind up and patty down. Delicious as all get out, and paired with a Belgian style paper cone of rough-hewn fries, the Girard Ave. casual spot will now add chicken to the daily grind. Their variety of chicken burgers will keep your palate interested week upon week. They swear they’re gonna grind the chicken coarsely so it “still has that hearty burger feel, without any of the fat.”

There will be many iterations, but a few they recommend are:

>>>Vietnamese Bahn Mi with lemongrass and daikon pickle
>>>Mesquite BBQ with purple cabbage cole slaw (above)
>>>Bollywood with cilantro and coconut chutney
>>>Buffalo Chicken with Bleu cheese, sliced onion and a carrot and celery slaw
>>>Tandoori Chicken burger topped with a snack-filled Pappadum* (below)

*Yeah, we had to look that up too: It’s a thin, crisp Indian preparation sometimes described as a cracker. It is typically served as an accompaniment to a meal.

Sketch Burger, 413 East Girard Avenue, (215) 634-3466

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