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East Passyunk Ave Is Lighting A Christmas Tree Tonight, Also Giving Out Food And Booze

Tree lighting ceremonies are a hallmark of the holiday season. Rockefeller Center’s is accompanied by Cee-Lo, Rod Stewart, and some deep voiced country guy, while East Passyunk Ave’s goes hand-in-hand with food and booze. Tonight, from 5PM to 7PM, EPA will throw it’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting Party. And on top of all the bright […]

Start The Holidays With 12 Happy Hours

The holiday season is here, with all the cheer that it brings. Some folks, of course, need a bit of a boost to get their holiday mood going, and what better way to bring out the cheer than with beer? So in the interest of spreading good holiday sentiments, Percy Street Barbecue will be ringing […]

Let Jose Garces Make Your Holiday Pies

Pie-eating season isn’t over yet, and if you didn’t love the process of making pies for your Thanksgiving meal and hate the thought of making another one for the December holidays, celebrity chef and Philly transplant Jose Garces has your back. He and Garces Group executive pastry chef Jessica Mogardo have created four sweet-sounding desserts […]


Collaboration Alert: Side Project Jerky And Sean McGee Create Pho Jerky

Side Project Jerky, our favorite local part-time jerky boys, have teamed up with executive chef Sean Magee of Time Restaurant to create their newest and first ever limited-release flavor, pho. Yes, the delicious taste of the popular Vietnamese noodle soup (pronounced PHUH) has now been wrangled into some of the best jerky around, and it […]

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

The foods that are most unique to Philly are well-known: cheese steaks, roast pork sandwiches, Philly soft-pretzels, and while you might not think to include chocolate in that list, you probably should. As Wall Street Journal food blog Table for One noticed this week, Philadelphia is home to both established and up-and-coming chocolate companies, a […]


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