NYT’s 36 Hours In Philly Mostly Stays On The Beaten Path, But Name Drops Two Of Our Hidden Favorites

Every few months it seems the New York Times has a little piece about what you should do if you’re in Philly. We appreciate the love from The Grey Lady, but it’s usually your standard fare. Today, the NYT Travel Section had a piece about how to spend 36 hours in Philly, and for the most part, it kept to the usual suspects (Johnny Brenda’s, Han Dynasty, The Barnes Foundation, etc).

But it is here where we’d like to give kudos to the NYT for dropping some love on two of our favorite things: The beautiful, delicious, majesty of the National Mechanics Bloody Mary Bar and the never-off-their-game croissants at Artisan Boulanger Patisserie. They are great ways to start any day, hung-over or not, and they deserve all the love they can get, as long it’s not too crowded for us to still get in.

National Mechanics, 22 South Third Street, 215-701-4883
Artisan Boulanger Patisserie, 1646 South 12th Street, 215-271-4688

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