What? David Chang Has Been On Channel 12 For The Last Two Months And Nobody Told Us?

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You’ll have to pardon us: We completely slept on The Mind Of A Chef, David Chang‘s entry into the post-Bourdain TV-sphere, and boy, do we have a single loosely fried egg in slow-cooked pork bone broth on our faces. For those of you who love Lucky Peach (quite possibly the greatest food publication in the land these days), The Mind Of A Chef is basically Lucky Peach on TV. And ‘lo, it’s been airing in Philly on WHYY-TV on Friday nights since November. (Great PR work, Marrazzo.) And it’s great for many of the reasons Chang is already a phoodie hero: He’s an erudite fan who also happens to be a friendly font of knowledge. In episode one (which you can currently see on PBS.org or its attendant iPad app), Chang heads to Japan for a ramen pilgrimage that’s bound to inspire jealousy, and also takes time out to make some hilarious confessions about eating ramen out of the pack, dry. The last two episodes (of a season of 16 half-hour episodes) air this Friday night at 10 and 10:30PM. The entire season will be available on DVD next month.

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