Yuengling Traditional Lager Now Running With The Big Dogs

Guess which union busting local brewery just cracked the top 20 in sales for 2012? Yep, Yuengling Traditional Lager is 18th on the list of the 20 most bought beers of 2012, with $254,434,800. Wedged between the likes of Bud Ice and PBR, Pottsville’s pride is one of America’s fastest growing brands and, it turns out, the largest brewer in the US of A.

Miller, Coors, and Anhueser-Busch are now foreign owned entities, so yeah, they kind of Gerald Forded their way onto the podium, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it (c’mon, that beer is no better or worse than any of the other corporate cold ones on the list). So next time you order a lager, remember you were down before it was cool. You can peep the whole slide show here. (Spoiler alert Bud Lite wins the hardware with damn near six billion in sales.)

  • Mike Cahill

    POTTSVILLE is quite different than Pottstown. At least give respect to the proper city.

  • N Martin

    Not that you won’t fix this on your own, but it’s Pottsville, not Pottstown.

  • Adam Brodsky


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