Get A Sneak Preview Of Ela’s Super Bowl Wings Tonight Only!

ela wingsIf, unlike Wing Bowl contestants, you like savoring the taste of chicken wings, trying new and different flavors of chicken wings, and you aren’t generally a total food jock, you will definitely be interested in getting over to Ela tonight to taste their preview batch of honey-smoked Siracha wings.

We say preview batch because honey-smoked Siracha is just one of four flavors of wings that Ela will be serving up on Saturday and Super Bowl Sunday for $10 a baker’s dozen. The others are truffled parmesan and herb, spicy Thai peanut, and miso mustard. They also have regular old wings if you want a completely boring Super Bowl experience. It’s up to you.

But again, tonight only, you can call Ela and order a baker’s dozen of their honey-smoked Siracha wings for $10.

Ela, 627 S. 3rd St, (267) 687-8512

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