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Prepare To Get The Itis: John DeBella Hosts His 6th Annual Comfort Food Fest

Y’all know the itis: the phenomenon where the large consumption of orgasmic food high in fat, sugar, and/or butter is followed by a state of lethargy and drowsiness. Some of us love it, some of us don’t. Regardless, morning host John DeBella of 102.9 WMGK-FM will be hosting his 6th annual Comfort Food Fest from […]

Raise A Glass To Pennsylvania Beer Distributor’s $2.2 Billion Annual Economic Impact

Remember that research paper you pitched to your freshman Econ prof, “Beer Bucks: A State By State Economic Analysis” and when rejected, you reworked it and pitched it again to your sophomore Practical Stats professor? Well guess what, The National Beer Wholesalers Association is pretty much filled with guys and girls who grew up wanting […]

For $10, You Can Get Your Breakfast On Like A Swede

Apparently, Swedish meatballs aren’t the only culinary yummy-ness to come out of the seemingly perfect European nation. No, no, no, waffles are the name of the game, and the American Swedish Historical Museum will be hosting Swedish Waffle Day on Saturday, March 16, from 11 AM – 2 PM, where freshly baked Swedish waffles will […]


What’s the Story Behind the Cheesesteak and the Hoagie? Now You Can Find Out!

Have you ever wondered how the cheesesteak or the hoagie came about? How about how Milton Hershey came up with the idea of the Hershey Kiss? Come to the Taste of Philly Food Tour to find out. Watch pretzels being twisted as well as hearing the story behind the Breyer’s Ice Cream logo and the […]

Want Some Pizza With Your Art?

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway is morphing into Parkway 2.0 and Marc Vetri is in on the action. He’s set to open his newest resturant, Pizzeria Vetri, this summer at the corner of 20th and Callowhill. This isn’t his first time at the pizza rodeo; Vetri’s Osteria was recently voted Best Pizza 2012 by Philadelphia Magazine. […]


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