East Passyunk Restaurant Week, Ya Say?

epaAh, Restaurant Week. The pivotal plethora of good eats and spirits where delicious hotspots lure us gluttonous Philadelphians with their top billing menus and dishes. But Center City isn’t the only Philly neighborhood hosting a week long binge of food porn.

The East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District will be introducing the 1st annual East Passyunk Restaurant Week, a chance for 21 award winning eateries of the South Philly community to show off their culinary chops once and for all, from Sunday, February 24th, through Saturday, March 2nd.

It’s gonna be a hat trick for each restaurant featured in the event, serving up to three menus (brunch, lunch, and dinner) for $15, $25, and $35 greenbacks.

So what’s cookin’?

East Passyunk Ave. mainstays El Zapare (with its “Best Taco”), Fuel (home of the 500-and-under-calorie-yet-yummy fare), and Philadelphia Magazine‘s top restaurants, Stateside, Le Virtu, Fond, and Will, are just a handful of the participants.

Sold yet? Don’t worry, we’ll provide you some official Phoodie napkins to wipe up all that drooling on your part.

On second thought, maybe not, that’s a little gross.

For a full list of participating restaurants with their respective menus, click here.

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