Chhaya Cafe Introduces Warmer Winter Brunch

chhaya crepeOnce February gets here it always seems like the spring is so close, but the worst is usually still to come. We’re certainly not out of the winter yet, and Varnana Beuria, chef and owner of Chhaya Cafe in East Passyunk seems to have figured out what Philadelphians need: more warm food and drink to get us through.

The new winter menu starts with a new weekend brunch that features:

>>>Stuffed French Toast Waffles: French toast, finished on a waffle iron, filled with berry-infused cream cheese filling and drizzled with bourbon maple syrup.
>>>Warm White Bean and Asparagus Salad: Cannellini beans, roasted
asparagus and cherry tomatoes sautéed in a walnut pesto then served on a slice of warmed country white bread and garnished with sliced toasted almonds and a squeeze of lemon.
>>>Sunrise Eggs: Oven-roasted cherry tomatoes and asparagus scrambled eggs with optional salmon, served on an open-faced herb biscuit and accompanied by a small side salad of arugula with fresh strawberry slices.
>>>Whole Wheat Crepes: Steak and Eggs Crepe with Béarnaise sauce.

All week you can stop by to get a Belgian hot chocolate, white hot or white chocolate mocha, and Chhaya’s Heaven Sent Elixer, which is honey, lemon, pulvarized ginger and black peppercorns, steeped with your choice of Chhaya’s ten varieties of loose-tea leaves.

Lastly, they’ve added new flavors of biscotti to their bakery case of brownies, muffins, and other treats. The new flavors are all available for just a dollar. They are chocolate with walnuts and ancho chile flavor, chocolate with white chocolate chips, cinnamon with almonds, and Vanilla with dark chocolate chips.

So if you live in South Philly, drive to South Philly, or have legs and a SEPTA token, get thee to Chhaya. You have no excuse for being cold.

Chhaya Cafe, 1823 E. Passyunk Ave, (215) 465-1000

  • ambiguator

    damn, i thought you were gonna say they added a vestibule to address the seriously drafty front door.

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