This Saturday At Piazza at Schmidt’s, Prepare To Get Spiked With Spodee

spodeeDelectable food truck eats are a blessing from the Street Food Gods already, so what could be better than that? Hmmm… Oh, we know!¬†Spiked food truck eats. That’s right, this Saturday Spodee and the Philly Mobile Food Association teams up to give y’all the Spodee Spiked Food Truck Round Up, where a handful of Philly’s fave food trucks will be featuring a free Spodee spiked appetizer, along with their usual fare for purchase.

Free spiked food? We’re in.

The mobile mavericks participating in the event include:

>>> Mac Mart (Mac n’ Cheese on wheels)
>>> Chewy’s (Bodacious Burgers and BLTs)
>>> Farm Truck (Local/Organic fare)
>>> Kachi (Korean with a twist)
>>> Foo (Chinese cookery)
>>> The Cow and Curd (Midwest weirdness but goodness)
>>> Cupcake Carnivale (Cupcakes galore pt. 1)
>>> Jimmies Cupcakes Co. (Cupcakes galore pt. 2)

What’s Spodee, you ask? Well, back in the days of the Depression, winos everywhere wanted to make their vice last, so with the culmination of country wines, herbs, spices, and moonshine, hence the spirit being described as “wine with a kick”. This hooch also comes in a glass milk bottle, since folks only had that lying around the barns and such.

So if you’re in the mood for food truck treats to make you tipsy, head on down to the Piazza at Schmidt’s this Saturday, February 23rd at 5PM.

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