Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon: Check Out Philly’s Best Bacon Spots On A Channel You Might Not Have

destamerDietary choices and religious restrictions aside, America loves bacon. It’s in our thick, heart stopping blood. So it only makes sense that the new show on Destination America (which is a TV network) is called The United States of Bacon, and when it moves to a new night and time this Monday at 7PM, some of Philadelphia’s most baconian eateries will be on display.

Chef Todd Fisher, host of the bacon travel guide, will stop by some Philly favorites that use bacon in the most useful and weirdest ways, such as:

>>> PYT, where Todd bravely bites a burger stuffed with bleu cheese, infused with bloody mary mix, and topped with a heaping portion of bacon
>>> McNally’s Tavern serves up the Schmitter, a famous one-of-a-kind cheesesteak made of thin-sliced steak, salami, fried onions, cheese, bacon, and a secret sauce.
>>> SoWe, where Todd gets his hands dirty learning how to make their cinnamon beignets baked with brown butter caramel and topped with crumbled bacon
>>> Jake’s Sandwich Board to sample the epic Turbacon sandwich, stuffed with bacon and bacon fat-rubbed turkey.”

It’s just too bad he wasn’t at PYT when they went avant-bacon on their tacos.

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