Fishtown Chili Cook-Off Smashing Success, Despite Lack Of Guatemalan Insanity Pepper


On Sunday, the Fishtown Neighbor’s Association held their Chili Cook-Off. By all accounts, the third annual installment of this new institution was a delicious success.

There were 25 entries both amateur and professional, and the restaurant winners were Bubba’s Texas Barbecue whose smokey rib end and brisket chili won the People’s Choice, and Sketch Burger’s “Chorizo and Black Bean Chili” was the favorite among the judges.

The amateur category saw a repeat of last year’s winners Theresa and Greg Decker whose winning “Double Decker” took home the plaque in both the judges and people’s choice categories.

There was chili with blood orange pico de gallo, there was a mixed-message turkey chili with lardons. There were vegan submissions like Patricia Krupa’s sweet potato and black bean chili, chorizo submissions even and elk and antelope variety. The East Girard Gastropub offered a beautiful presentation with a mini empanada.

Jordan Rushie and Leo Mulvihill, a couple of the Occupy Lawyers offered up Occupy Chili. When we asked if the secret ingredient was ground banker, they replied, “Close, it’s Seitan” (well played, Occupy Lawyers).

Though the maths have yet to be officially added up, Kate Micklow at the FNA said, there were 550 people there through the course of the day and $7500 raised is a “safe estimate.” The dough will be applied toward FNA programs like the current “Feed The Fish” campaign to put fish-headed trashcans around the neighborhood. Convincing the local kids that they are not, in fact, allergic to trashcans in general will be a tougher fish to fry.

Enjoy the Gallery below.


Have a taste, pardner

The Fishtown lawyers serving up their Occupy Chili

Nice presentation from East Girard Gastropub

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

Blood orange pico de gallo, and fresh cilantro

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