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Free Pretzels = Best Day Ever

Pretzels, like scrapple, hoagies and all the other Philly classics, hold a special place in our hearts. So, when we found out that today is National Pretzel Day, we had a moment. It gets even better. The folks at Philly Pretzel Factory are celebrating by handing out free soft pretzels all day at all local […]

Dept. Of Meaningless Lists: Would You Like A Side Of Fries With Your Infidelity? might be the website that skeeves out the most people online (which is strange, because have you seen the internet?). If you’re unfamiliar (suuuure you are), AshleyMadison is basically a hookup site for married people to hook up with people who are not their spouses. Well, they put together a list of the local […]

Attn. Restaurant Instagrammers: DON’T DO THIS

A restaurant with an Instagram account can use the app to get some great publicity. Throw up some pictures of some of your meals and you’ve just made all of your followers crave it. Post about specials, and you could bring in people who have been meaning to stop in but never got around to […]

ADVERTISEMENT’s Authors Announce At AKA Rittenhouse, Alliteration

AKA Rittenhouse Square, that very photogenic building to the right, is welcoming a new tenant this summer. Korman Communities, the people behind, are bringing to the corner of 18th and Walnut, right near all of those fancy restaurants you wish you could afford more often. is going to serve a “pared-down, yet […]

Celiacs And Weird People Unite: Cheu Noodle Bar Is Bringing You Noodles That Won’t Kill You

Word on the street has it that all of you celiac sufferers and people who just don’t eat gluten for whatever godforsaken reason are in luck: Cheu Noodle Bar is offering gluten-free noodles. The street we speak of, is of course Facebook, where Cheu Noodle posted this: “This just in … house made rice noodles […]


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